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12 March 2021

Welcome back! Since we last met up I have been busy with various activities as I mentioned in my 1st Friday blog last week. One of the BIG things I accomplished was finally getting my Zentangle® classes set up here on my website and on my Facebook page.

You may be saying to yourself “why should I bother with taking classes? There’s tons of free videos and examples online.” Rather than re-invent the wheel here’s what the Founders of Zentangle® basically have to say:

“We train Certified Zentangle Teachers™ (CZT®) to teach our Zentangle Method. They understand the background and subtleties of the Zentangle Method which are not obvious from much of free material on the web. There are reasons and techniques; philosophies and principles for everything that we do.”

The first class of 9 that I offer is an intro to The Zentangle Method® which is a requirement (with an opportunity to test out of) for all following classes. The reason for this is to make sure that each student studying with me understands the basics, as I was taught, by Zentangle® Founders Rick & Maria.

Intro to The Zentangle Method® Tile #1 Crescent Moon, Florz, Hollibaugh, Printemps

Last month I discussed what is involved in the Intro to The Zentangle Method® class. If you missed it you can check it out here.

  • Black 3.5 tile with Hollibaugh, Tipple, Printemps & Diva Dance
  • Renaissance 3.5 tile with Huggins, Mooka, Dodaah. PP12 Day 2
  • Gray 3.5 tile with Striping & Shattuck
  • White 2" Bijou tile with Verdigogh
  • Renaissance 3Z tile with Fracas, Shattuck, & Purk
  • White Zendala with Sampson & Orbs
  • Gray 5x3" Phi Tile with Diva Dance, Scena & Orbs
  • White 10" Opus Tile with Crescent Moon, Scena, XYP, Pea-nuckle
  • Zen Gems on Bijou Tiles using pencil

From the intro class you can move on to new paper tile colors, shapes and of course tangles! Check some of them out in this slideshow but don’t let them intimidate you! These are examples of my work and some are more advanced and complicated that others.

Zen Gems on Bijou Tiles using pencil
Zen Gems on Bijou Tiles using pencil

A couple of other things I’ve done over the past month is take some classes from other CZT’s. The first one was with Leslie M who taught me how to create Zen Gems which have been very popular with other artists in the Zentangle® community. To see more of Leslie’s work, check out her @leslieinthemoment on Instagram.

Zin Kin® Cousin - Marie Paris
Zin Kin® Cousin – Marie Paris

The other Zentangle® class I took was how to create Zin Kin© offered by Katrina S. She’s currently working on a worldwide project called Zen Kin Cousins©. You can check out more about this activity and perhaps create your own here.

I hope you have a great week and I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of life and creativity! Book A Class here or by clicking on Book Now on Facebook.
You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram and view my Portfolio HERE

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