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PART III – THE SEASONS OF MY LIFE SUMMER Wasn’t it pleasant, O brother mine In those old days of the lost sunshine Of youth… When we were visiting, me and you, Out to Old Aunt Mary’s? It all comes back so clear today Out in the barn lot and down the lane We patter…

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PART III – THE SEASONS OF MY LIFE       “Every season seems best to us in turn” Henry David Thoreau – Walden      From the time I was a child, my life has run according to a seasonal orbit as fixed as any planet’s . The seasons that have revolved around and around and around…

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For most of her life Mom had always dreamed about writing a book. I had dreamed about becoming an illustrator. In 2010 we made both of our dreams come true by collaborating and publishing her book Ramblings a Stroll Down Memory Lane with Henry David Thoreau.

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