V Clarke Art | Zentangle ® Portfolio

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my Zentangle Journey.

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Project Pack #13

Project Pack #13 focuses on “Transitions” working with overlapping layers and creating transitions between tangles and the layers using traditional Zentangle® white and gray 3.5″ tiles and Phi tiles I created with watercolor paper. The tools used are typical Zentangle® one with the exception of a Sakura clear gel pen and black watercolor pencil.

  • Project Pack 13 Day 1
  • Project Pack 13 Day 2
  • Project Pack 13 Day 3
  • Project Pack 13 Day 4 White Tile
  • Project Pack 13 Day 4 Gray Tile
  • Project Pack 13 Day 5 Tile 1
  • Project Pack 13 Day 5 Tile 2
  • Project Pack 13 Day 5 Tile 3
  • Project Pack 13 Day 5 Tile 4
  • Project Pack 13 Day 6
  • Project Pack 13 Day 7
  • Project Pack 13 Day 8


This is an ongoing project that is updated periodically. The challenge for anyone who creates art using The Zentangle Method® is that there are no erasers. The theory is that in this method there are no mistakes. So rather than throw away a tile, even if you feel something is “wrong” with it, the idea is to continue or re-visit it at a later date until you feel it is complete. All tiles in this slide show started out as a “challenge” and were completed at a later date.

12 Days of Zentangle ®

Each year artist around the globe participate in the December 12 Days of Zentangle® challenge. This year featured Zentangle Renaissance (tan) paper tiles in various shapes using black & brown micron pens with white and brown chalk and gold gouache paint.

Certification Work

A portfolio of my classwork November 2020.